Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tina, Becky and Nick...and "The Three Curly's"

Tina at her persimmons opening.
Just a few Flickr pics from Becky's gig last Friday. What a trooper...not feeling good and she still played a spirited set that was enjoyed by everyone. Have a few pics from Tina Kugler's Persimmons art opening a couple weeks ago mixed in with Bec's. Click here for the set.

Pat, Chad, David...I've been waiting for the three of us to all be in the house at the same time...

...just so I could take this picture!

Click here for way too many pics from Nick Venturella's gig on Saturday. What a blast...too dang hot in the Stump but dang fun regardless. Nick will be back in a few short months...if you missed this show don't be a chump and miss him again.
Nick in his signature pose


tina kugler said...

oh, thanks. i think. right?

David said...

Absolutely. Awesome dress btw. Nice pics with you and Carson.

David said...

Yeah, "The Three Curly's" would be Pat, Chad and me...ala Curly from the Three Stooges.