Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A whole bunch of images

Flickr image sets from the last couple weeks:

Eric Nassau
Eric Nassau from 9/13/08 - What a totally enjoyable performance and nice guy Eric is...I think this was the third midday show we've hosted, and it has me thinking about doing it more regularly. Eric will be back on Saturday, December 6th.

Barb & Brian raise their glasses during Nick's gig
Nick Weiland from 9/20/08 - Nick's "Whiskey Jars & Scandals" partner, Brian, couldn't make it but Nick was fantastic all by his lonesome and we got a great recording of him. He was so good we asked him to play at our anniversary party (below).

Julie (and hubby Chad) loved Matt's performance
Matt & Steph Davies and Becky 9/27/08 - In just a short time Matt and Steph have become some of our most favorite people. These guys are so darn nice and so talented. Steph is funny...soon as she's done singing she's off doodling in her journal while Matt plays. Matt is the most uber-talented folk singer I think I've heard...right out of the Woodie Guthrie/early Dylan mold...great voice, awesome songwriter, and solid-as-a-rock guitar player. Becky rounded this night out quite nicely...what a fun trio these guys made. She performed her just-written Stumpjack Song and it darn near had me tearing up...AWESOME! And then the coolest thing...Matt, Steph and Bec did a few tunes together, including the old folk song, "This Land is Your Land," and everyone in the house sang the chorus! How great is that! Check it out on this YouTube vid below.

Anniversary Party from 9/28/08 - What a blast! We have the greatest friends and customers and supporters ever! Everyone had fun, the wine and tapas bar got off to a great start, took some casually fun video (on our YouTube page now), and Nick Weiland was the absolute perfect musical accompaniment to the party (a number of people used that very word about Nick and his music, "perfect"). I'll have to write a little bit more about the event in a follow-up post tomorrow and go through a few pictures with you, but for now here's the image set.
Friends at the Anniversary party

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