Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tonight's Live Music via Milwaukee

Tonight (Saturday) at 8:00pm

Blues Rock with Whiskey Jars & Scandals

Come on over after the Cool City Car Show in downtown TR.


bpowell said...

Awesome performance by Nick and Brian. Words can hardly do justice at describing their tight set of songs. Can't wait to see and hear them again in September.

While the turnout last night was a little dismal, you shouldn't be too discouraged by that. You were competing against the prime night of two of the largest annual musical venues in the midwest that play in Wisconin; Country USA and Summerfest. Having both of those running this weekend was bound to draw every music loving person that can handle large crowds. Me, I'll take the serene setting of Stumpjack's with the up close and personal musical performances over the crowded drunk-fests.

David, you are doing wonderful things with your ability to draw in such great musical talent that this area would not get the opportunity to see and hear otherwise. It is really cool to see how your entertainment line up has expanded and grown over the recent months. Keep up the good work of inspiring these young talented groups. I'm anxious to see more and more of them make their appearance in TR.

Thanks David! You rock!!

David said...

Thanks Brian!
I totally agree about Nick and Brian...I was just telling Doug what a really great couple of sets those two put together last night. That was clearly one of the most musically satisfying, smooth and just on the money shows yet. We gotta pack the place when they come back in September...people need to see these guys.

And muchas gracias indeed for the kind from friends like you means a heckuva lot.