Saturday, June 21, 2008

Art & Music images

Full house
Here's the Flickr set from last night's soirée for Andrea Drida's art opening and Kyle Feerick's gig. A busy, fun night and a lot of pictures in this set.

Allie and Andrea
It was a very nice opening for Andrea, with a ton of compliments on her work and several sales. And Kyle was great, with a couple of sets that included just a few covers (that he made his own), but mostly his own original tunes, which were very well received by the audience (lots of whistles and shouts). Doug (Day) set up his gear and recorded Kyle, so hopefully we got some good stuff down on tape (or more accurately, down on digital).

Kyle Feerick

Our pal Marty also has some Stumpjack images on his own Flickr site, including a few from last night.

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