Monday, March 3, 2008

Tagged...and forced to comply...jeesh!

Last week Kim (Persimmons Gal) tagged me and this blog. Not knowing exactly what being "tagged" meant until informed that I had been tagged myself, I assumed it was just a harmless and silly little online game. It is, however, much more sinister than that. I thought if I just ignored it (hey, I'm a very busy man!) I could slip under their radar and my nonparticipation would soon be forgotten. Apparently that ain't gonna happen, as I have been tagged twice now, the second time by Jin from Uniquely Yours Pastry Shoppe, herself a tagee from Kim's blog.

So, now I have two women (that's one strike against me) who each own eclectically cool, artsy-fartsy businesses with attendant female voodoo vibification (that's two strikes) that could seriously and negatively effect my own good mojo if I don't comply. Jin even implied as much by her revelation that she uses tarot cards...I know, I know, that
seemed like nothing more than a bit of harmless personal trivia about herself...but I'm smarter than that (you don't fool me pastry lady!)...that was a direct unspoken threat directed at me that I had "better comply or else!" Coming from a self-confessed "Food Porn Goddess" all you need to do is put two and two together (tarot cards plus goddess combined with sinfully delicious chocolate truffles equals unpleasant consequences for those who don't obey). I'm no dummy, so here goes: 7 things about moi, and 7 other losers...I mean dear friends...that I am supposed to tag.

1. I am intrinsically lazy. While you can find me working every hour of every open day at Stumpjack Coffee, and also most of the days we're closed each week, I would be entirely content with doing nothing more demanding than deciding if I should put a new worm on the hook of my fishing line, whilst lounging all the day long on a river bank with a fishing rod cradled loosely in my hands...or lying on my back atop a pine-needle-covered forest floor, looking up at the sky through the trees, only getting up to make a sandwich or pee on a nearby tree...all day, every day.

2. I'm a pretty handy guy concerning building and fixing things. I have the ability and skills, generally speaking, to make or create things that one would need to survive and live fairly comfortably if lost in the wilderness or a deserted island. Set me on an island with a well crafted sharp knife and a length of rope and we'll be living like Robinson Crusoe.

3. I know next to nothing about computers or any kind of electronic technology. People think I'm computer savvy because I do so much work on my laptop each day, but I'm strictly a copy-and-paste guy. 19th and 20th century mechanical technology I can do, 21st century technology leaves me looking vacantly off into the distance with a bit of spit dribbling out the corner of my mouth as I mumble incoherently.

4. I don't suffer fools or rudeness very well. I have very little patience or tolerance for "it's all about me" attitudes and, while I understand that each and every one of us (myself included and sometimes myself especially) is occasionally selfish and thoughtless towards others, if you behave that way in our shop you will likely be somewhat sarcastically reprimanded (though with a smile I hope).

5. I don't remember holidays or oftentimes even what day of the week it is right now, and yet I am somehow able to store and recall the most trivial aspects of movies I've seen. I also cannot not finish watching a movie once I've started, no matter if I've already seen it several times before...I must watch it all the way through.

6. I am a foodie without fear or prejudice. I can and will eat, and have eaten, most anything and everything, and am very keen on the food of different cultures. Hot and spicy, sweet, salty or sour; plant or animal; alive or dead; cooked or name it, I'm eager to eat it.

7. I am generally more conservative in my political and social attitudes, which made me something of an odd duck in the academic and art worlds that I moved in. I nevertheless am quite comfortable with the undeniable fact that all of my more liberal friends are woefully misinformed or just plain stupid if they don't think like and agree with me. I love you guys anyway.

Ok, part one completed. Part two of this laborious task is to inflict 7 other people with the curse of having to reveal 7 things about themselves and then name 7 additional losers...I mean dear friends...that have to do the same thing. It's like an even more irritating chain letter.

Here's my 7 Dwarfs: Kelly Zimmer; Allie; Becky; Kelly Underwood; Bobbi; Amy; Heidi (yup, all chicks...because women will do this, while guys will just flip me off...don't know what that says about me doing it though).


jin said...

Fantabulous answers Dah-link!

Very glad to know you better!

Now, get back to work you lazy...

nate said...

interesting reading, to be sure. you were right about the males flipping you off thing too

David said...

Har! I did entertain the notion (and this is the truth) of including you in that list and still keeping the "Yup, all chicks" line in there, just to be a smart-arse and mess with you.