Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pictures from the weekend

Flickr pics from this past weekend:
Wencel getting schooled in Checkers by his granddaughter, Sunday morning.

Kelly Underwood - Friday, 2/29/08 (click here) Kelly was fun and silly and sounded great again.

Kim and John, Friday night.

6 Degrees - Saturday, 3/1/08 (click here) Becky and Bill...love the way those two sound together. Becky was a trooper...on crutches and lost her voice near the end of the night. Bill took over and closed the night...he was great, with awesome versions of Gordon Lightfoot and Johnny Cash.

Marty & Lori, Saturday night.

Sunday morning, 3/2/08 (click here) Had a busy morning on Sunday. Kim made breakfast paninis. The usual Sunday morning gang of misfits and several new faces...a lot of fun.

Sunday morning

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