Friday, March 7, 2008

Beer...the other nectar of the gods.

Part of the current Stumpjack beer selection...
Stumpjack has, in my humble opinion, the grooviest, albeit small, selection of bottled beers of any coffee shop around. Searching for and evaluating the microbrews and few select imports we offer has been a lot of fun. I'm a sucker for attractive packaging (cool bottles specifically) and that, combined with the very distinctive flavor profiles of these beers, I believe adds to and reinforces our overall image and philosophy of offering only the very best products for the price (coffee, beer, wine, pastries and food).

I'm thinking about this now as we just received a delivery of several cases of beer, including one case of O'Hanlons Ruby Stout, from the folks who make the justifiably famous Thomas Hardy's Ale. The Ruby Stout is a lovely, darker beer enriched with the addition of ruby port wine, and comes in a great, beefy thick bottle. I love changing up the inventory; getting different beers in and mixing things up periodically. Tonight and tomorrow we have live music and that always means we'll be enjoying a couple of good beers.

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