Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last night's art pics/tonight Live Musica!

Here's the link to the Flickr set of pics from last night's art soirée (the cool pics in the set are from Nate). It was a great night, with lots of Kim's (Kim Geiser...not to be confused with Kim Smith...or Kim Basinger or Kim Novak or even Kim Possible) pals and art lovers joining the party to give her a thumbs up. Lots of fun and laughs and glowing compliments for her creations. On the hoped-for-but-unrealized red carpet Kim looked fab in flowery dress, newly made dangly necklace and snazzy high heels. Hubby Glenn was dashing in new jeans and a cool black & white octopus tie. And just fyi, the owner looked frumpy in coffee stained flannel and Levis covering new Spiderman underwear. And we sold 10 pieces, which is awesome!

Don't forget! TONIGHT at 7 bells...Bill Martell will be bringing his guitar, warm vocals and a passel of songs to entertain. Be here or you will unwittingly drink sour milk on Monday morning at precisely 7:01 a.m....the curse is in place!


nate said...

i like the lighter one much better. it was a great night. the kids had fun with gramps, kate and i had fun at the stump, and i got to play with my camera. overall, i can't think of a better night

David said...

I agree, was one of the more enjoyable nights/events we've had (among a whole bunch of good nights)...everyone was smiling and having a good time, and I didn't have to work too hard and could enjoy mingling too, it was cool to have you and Katie there and enjoying the event too...a very nice artsy event. Kim looked at the images today when she and Glenn came into the Stump...I think she pulled one that you took for her own blog too. Thanks for the images too, Nate...fabulous.