Thursday, May 28, 2009

JoAnn Rocks; Koz Rolls

JoAnn Riedl
Friday the 29th
JoAnn Riedl is a Stumpjack favorite. We always have a good time when JoAnn comes to perform. She's bold and brassy and belts out her own tunes with such passion and fearlessness. It's impressive what she does with just her voice and an acoustic guitar.

"JoAnn combines folk, punk and rock into her at times gentle yet percussive guitar style. She is a self taught guitarist who lures you in with her sultry voice and her rhythmic tendencies."

Saturday the 30th
Koz, the man of big songbook and multiple genres. From pop to folk to big band to jazz to even a little country, he does them all. He plays sax and clarinet, guitar and banjo, has more stage gear than Aerosmith and is prone to wearing loud Hawaiian shirts. Plus, he's my high school wrestling coach and as such has a good sense of humor toward all the ribbing we give him. That makes for a very fun evening.

Joann Riedl poster by Zac Jacobson

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wishokie said... never know what you'll learn about your neighbors! I am truly sorry we missed Koz last weekend.