Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was going to wait to announce this on the blogsite until I had completed this week's Stumpjack Scat newsletter, but that's going to take another day and I'm just too excited to hold off any longer. I spoke with Pato Banton last week and he has agreed to play the Stump again. In fact, this is what he emailed to me after we spoke:

Hi David, I would absolutely love to do Stumpjacks again.

It was actually one of the most fun shows I've ever had in my whole career.

I think the power outages lightened my mood.

Let me know what you can offer and I'll confirm with my team.

Thanks for everything bro. I'm very excited to come back and see you guys too. (Especially Mr Green)

One Love Always
Pato Banton

Read that again, especially that second sentence, "It was actually one of the most fun shows I've ever had in my whole career." Unbelievable! Here's a Grammy nominated artist who has recorded many international hit songs and worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Sting, Peter Gabriel, UB40, Chrissie Hynde, Steel Pulse, Ziggy Marley and others, saying that his performance here a couple weeks ago was one of the most fun shows he's ever done. "Awesome" hardly does justice to how cool that is. Pato and the other musicians in the Now Generation band told us after the show on Saturday and on the following Tuesday when we saw them perform in Milwaukee that they were treated so well and that the Stumpjack audience in Two Rivers was so joyful, appreciative and respectful that they were eager to return for another engagement if at all possible.
Pato Banton. Image by Nate Walkner.
That's a huge credit to all of you who attended the event. Pato and the band saying those wonderful things made us all so proud for Two Rivers and everyone who came. Nice job, friends...well done. There's more to this story, so many cool little anecdotes and moments that I will no doubt be giving this experience a whole chapter in the Stumpjack book I'm writing. But for the sake of brevity, right now I just want to announce that PATO BANTON AND THE NOW GENERATION ARE COMING BACK TO STUMPJACK COFFEE!!

Pato at the Stump. Image by Nate Walkner.

The concert/party is going to be on Friday, September 18th. You need to do two things if you want to attend:
1) Mark and clear your calendar if you want to be here for this incredible concert party. 2) Get your tickets now, because we have to limit it again and I predict they're going to go even faster than last time...and once we hit the limit that's it, it'll be too late for anyone else to get in.

Another good thing is that we have some time to make things even better than the first concert (no more running up and down stairs to fix popped circuit breakers for this boy, I'll tell you that!).

We're selling tickets starting now. Ticket prices will be $5 more than last time because Pato and the band are coming in from outside Wisconsin this time (last time they fortunately had some other gigs in Wisconsin and it was opportunistic to get them over here), but even at $20 I think everyone who was at the first show will tell you it's a steal.

More on this to come in the next several days. Stay tuned.

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bpowell said...

Cool beans! It's about time you started filling up that music calendar beyond two months so I can plan my life accordingly. :-)

We've got the date reserved and look forward to Pato's return show. Maybe you can make his shows an annual thing.