Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bye-bye Maria and Sooz! Brothers Burn Mountain.

Friday, May 22

Gypsy Trip
Flamenco and Spanish guitar. The 3-piece version of The Gipsy Kings, perhaps. Check out some of the videos of their performances at the Gipsy Trip myspace:
This is also the night of the "We're Moving to South Dakota" party for Maria and Soozie, who are...moving to South Dakota.

Maria & Soozie and John are moving to South Dakota (in case you didn't catch that already). Come on over Friday night to wish them good luck and happy trails. It's also John's birthday and we'll be celebrating that tonight as well.

Saturday, May 23

Brothers Burn Mountain
I really like the music these guys create. Please, please, please check them out at their myspace:
Here's a review of their music by someone who I think was tripping on peyote...I have no idea what the hell they're talking about here, but it's kind of an entertaining ramble nonetheless:

"When I found out these guys spend most of their time in wild nature, it didn't surprise me. They know how to get the wind ruffles of their hair into the sounds. Bring a flower to their show. Bring an impossible bottle of wind. Bring the flames in your eyes. Play your breaths like they were strings reaching toward the sun. Play your breaths like they were roots sprouting from the invisible tree of your existence. Admit that you can't see the tree because it's so amazing to be alive, and there's just these leaves called tear drops, called words, called skin; and what's underneath the skin pours outside the skin through the sounds. It all comes from the heart."
-Diarmada Music Monthly

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Maria said...

And should anyone be wondering, Soozie is taking John with her. And I'm going along...

It's John's birthday, so we'll be celebrating that, also.