Monday, July 28, 2008

Pagelmania hits the Midwest

"Squeeze" caught by hidden ceiling cam
Here's the Flickr set of Pick & Squeeze from Friday night's gig. Greg played for an hour by himself as Andy was apparently cross-dressing and running in circles in a public place and thus couldn't make the beginning of their scheduled gig (he says he was in some "Relay for Life" event and that he had to dress up as a fairly princess...whatever, Andy...). Anyway, Greg played some really cool electronic, ambient improvisational funkificationalized diddlydoodah on his electric organ for an hour (man, I wish we had recorded cool!).

Pick & Squeeze...Andy looking determined to get home and get that Snow White dress off the hanger one more time...while Greg looks on wistfully.
After an hour of digging Greg's melodic musings and everyone talking about Andy behind his back, Andy (aka Pick) finally showed up (sans fairy princess garb) to join Greg (aka Squeeze) and got down to it with, as we like to say down south, "some mighty fine pickin' there!" He even set down his guitar and accompanied Greg's accordion with a fiery flute solo, though try as he might he looked nothing at all like Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, even with leg raised practically over his head as he played (sorry Andy, perhaps you need to let the beard grow and get more scraggly).

Kim flashing Pick & Squeeze secret gang sign...well, not so secret anymore I guess...
Another fun night from Pick & Squeeze (or, as we like to call them, those naughty Pagel boys). They promise to return to lay waste to all who stand in their way as they burn their subliminal musical manifesto into the minds of the weak-willed masses! Yea, you have been forewarned!

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