Thursday, July 17, 2008

Them Damn Kids pics

Rolland & Chris - Them Damn Kids
Click here for the Flickr set from Wednesday's noontime gig with Them Damn Kids. Chris and "Rolland" were fabulous, absolutely perfect for our first lunch-time concert. They are very sweet guys and their music is mellow and relaxing, wonderful stuff, and we had a great lunch crowd who I think really appreciated Chris and Rolly coming up from Chicago to play here (as you can tell, I'm playing with Rolland's name a bit...inside joke). In fact, the guys were just blown away by how responsive people were, how full their tip jar was and that they sold a good number of CDs (unfortunately I forgot to get a handful to sell here at the Stump, but I'll contact Chris and Rolland the Headless Thompson Gunner to see if they'll send us a few for people to purchase here). This was the first show of their current 40-performance tour, and they said that it couldn't have started any better or on a higher note. Frankly, I was pretty proud too, because that kind of response is a feather in the Two Rivers' cap, in that it shows again that people in this area appreciate good live music and aren't afraid to support it...word like that gets around you know.

It was the busiest Wednesday lunch time we've had so far. Kim worked her tail off in the kitchen and Cheyenne did great behind the counter...I just took a lot of pictures and wandered back and forth helping out where I could. It went so well and was such a good time that we're thinking of continuing with perhaps a once a month, midweek lunchtime concert.

Jeff Dawson took some great pictures too and you can see them, along with tons of other cool images from Jeff's camera, on the Lester Public Library's Flickr site. I don't think Jeff has the ones from Wednesday in any particular group or set, but if you do a search for "Stumpjack" you'll find them. The image directly above is one of Jeff's (it's too clear and good to be one of mine).

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