Monday, May 5, 2008

Updated: Weekend music report, Urban Gardening, emails...

A short list of various items:

1. I'll post a review and a few pics from this past weekend's music gigs with Bill and Ethan later...have a few items of business to finish up before I get to that, but check back tonight or tomorrow and I should have it up. I need to hear back from Ethan on something before I post the pics from the weekend, and as soon as I do then we'll put them up here. There aren't very many from either night (didn't take as many as we usually do) so we'll combine Friday (Bill Martell) and Saturday (Ethan Keller) into one Flickr set. Hopefully I'll hear from Ethan today.

2. Attached is a flyer for an Urban Gardening information powwow that is being held at the Stump this Wednesday. This is something that, if you're into gardening in any capacity large or very small, you will find both informative and fun. Wednesday at 6:30 at Stumpjack Coffee (click on the flyer to enlarge and get more info). Depending on how this goes on Wednesday we may make this into a regular affair...gardening and sustainability-related discussions. I was surprised after sending out the email announcement for this that we received a number of enthusiastic replies expressing interest in this...I wasn't surprised at the interest in the event but rather that several people from outside the area commented on what a cool thing it is and that they wish they could be here to join in the discussion. Usually people don't bother replying if they can't make an event or live too far away to participate, but this subject clearly is of keen interest to a number of folks.

3. If anyone would like to be added to our growing email list in order to get announcements for live music events, specials we run, and/or other general info having to do with Stumpjack Coffee please send me an email at and we'll add you to the list. What we're working on is expanding our email list so that we can get more people involved in doing things like contests, specials, and interactive stuff online. We're also working on a more expansive blog format and online retail availability (for coffees, shirts, mugs, art, etc), and a good number of those items will be available only online. So, we're trying to get more people interested in our online presence as well as getting better at letting people know what's going on at the Stump itself (music, specials, events, etc) and offering in-shop "rewards" and fun stuff for responding to online announcements. So email us if you want to opt in to the mailing list.

There's more to say on these three items and I will do so later tonight I hope, but wanted to get something quick out there now so I can get out and have a cigar by the campfire while there's still some sun and chirping birds outside to enjoy. I actually had two cigars yesterday and enjoyed the fire longer than I thought I would initially...desperately need a little R&R, both physically and psychically. Heidi took over cooking duty for the evening and grilled chicken and made some fabulous veggies...Kim and the girls cleaned up, and so I didn't have to do anything but relax and eat and relax some more...a brief, albeit much appreciated respite.


Kasha said...

Your rock!....and so does your family.

We're getting a good response on the Urban Garden gig also - some folks are letting us know they can't come on Wednesday and want to know when is the next meeting? And, of course, they love the fact that it's at the Stump!

Sooooooo, now that you're all rested up, you won't be hating Wednesday, will you????

tina kugler said...

food not lawns!
well, actually,
check it out-

David said...

I passed that on, Tina...I've been attracted to that kind of yard ever since I saw a few homes around UWM that did wildflower lawns instead of just grass. We've been wanting to do that very thing for years but just can't seem to make it a priority within our time day soon!