Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gig pics from last couple weekends on Flickr

Click on the links below each picture (or in the right side column) to check out the images from the last couple of weeks. Not going to comment on these nights next other than to say that they were all a lot of fun...check out the pics on Flickr and you'll see. I do intend to come back to a couple of these in the next three or four days and offer a brief review, so come on back.

Yacking with Kim, Terry, Sandy, (and Roger & Deb) during Bill's night.
Bill Martell 5/2/08

Ethan pushing through the pain of an injured eye...awesome.
Ethan Keller 5/3/08

Katie & Ric: security for Matt's show...putting fear into troublemakers.
Matt Schroeder 5/9/08

Image courtesy of Bill's son Nate Walkner...dang good photographer.

John Willy, Nick and Brian laying it down.


Nate said...

you can dump my flickrs in there too if you want to
John Will Balsley and friends 5/16/08
A night at the Stump

David said...

Will do...grazie.

tina kugler said...

injury or not, that eye patch looks BAD ASS. even with an acoustic guitar. i think he should keep it.