Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Coffee Column

I've been working on a concept for a newspaper column for a while now, a regular (perhaps bi-monthly) column written by yours truly wherein I discuss certain and specific issues and subjects related to coffee, as both a commodity and as a cultural talisman of sorts. There's a good deal more to the basic concept for the column than I'll share here, but I have submitted the loose proposal to a handful of publications, including the Herald Times Reporter here in Manitowoc/Two Rivers. A few have expressed some interest, and I need to follow up with them.

The basic proposal I submitted to editors included elements of the following outline:

The specific topics that can be culled from the general subject of coffee are expansive and varied enough that there is no danger of undo repetition or staleness, and it is a subject that virtually everyone has at least some interest in, either as a casual consumer of coffee in their daily routine or as passionate aficionados

Besides the ever-interesting, albeit obvious subject of all of the various coffee producing countries and geographical regions (and what each specific region imparts to its particular coffee in terms of flavors, aromas, body, etc), other topics under the same umbrella include processing methods (and how they affect the final product); the cultural impact of coffee from both consumer and producer perspectives; the modern coffee culture as its own unique entity; and even the always fun drink mixology itself. We would, however, focus primarily on the different coffees from different regions and estates and what interesting and unique attributes they all have to offer.

We would not, of course, engage in any overt advertising or Stumpjack promotion in any of the columns.

I must give credit where credit is due, in that my idea for a coffee column was sparked by Todd Haefer's "Beer Man" column, which appears semi-regularly in our own HTR, among other publications in the state. Haefer does a great job with his column, creating a nice mix of opinion with factual information, in a well written and informal format. His column is one that I regularly look forward to reading in the newspaper. So, I thought, "beer column...coffee column? Of course!" And given my background in both coffee and writing...well, there you go! We would not, of course, mimic Haefer's excellent column. My style of writing is much different than his and I am not interested in talking about varieties of coffees alone, as Haefer does with beer by discussing a single particular beer each column.

I'll keep you abreast of what, if anything, develops with this. But it should be fun!


Maria said...


What a concept.

Looking forward to seeing you in print. Who else in these parts is a ruggedly handsome man and barista enough to author a coffee column?

Gonna have a coffee tasting? Or did you already have one and I missed it?

Bobbi said...

I am thinking you may have some strong telepathic abilities - the HTR has a story asking for Coffee gurus to submit stuff!
and of course we All know that would be you :-)
I sent my connection at the good ole HTR a 'duh you should ask David!' kind of email.
I know you have been talking about such an idea for quite awhile - you had even prompted me to read the 'Beer Man' once or twice - but yeah not my cup of ... well ya

David said...

Why thank ye kindly! Yuppers, I'm sure it will be a fun read for all.

Persimmons Gal said...

Good for you for submitting the idea. I know it has been something you have been talking about for quite some time already!

Persimmons Gal said...

Good for you for submitting the idea. I know it has been something you have been talking about for quite some time already!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you're finally doing something about that idea - took ya' long enough! :)

With all the coffee shops around now, I bet people would be interested in reading about what they may be missing about coffee.

Now, what are we going to do about a picture.............


David said...

Thanks DooDah...
I think so too.

I will get you a picture soon...I have one or two that I like but I first wanted to see what Nate can get out of his camera with that fish-eye lens.