Friday, February 8, 2008

And the winner is...

We have a winner in our first online contest, "8 Things About Stumpjack," and she goes by the name of Kim Geiser! Kim and one other person (Maria) had the most correct answers (they each got all 8 correct) and so I wrote their names on separate pieces of paper and had Kim (my wife, Kim...not the winner Kim...they are two different Kims...although sometimes I do think they share the same brain) close her eyes and pull one out, and Kim G. it was.

Kim gets one fat pound of beautiful pure Guatemalan roasted to a tasty full city roast by Two Rivers Roasting Co. Yummy!

I don't have a picture of Kim except for that goofy one I took of her when she was talking with her mouth full of cookies (it was scary I tell you). So, I drew a quick one of her with the mouse and the laptop's paint program...with my left hand yet, just to make it interesting! (and no, I'm not left handed to start with) Here she is accepting her prize:
Here are the contest questions and answers below. We got a great response to this and it was fun so check back because we'll be doing this again, just about every month.

1) Radio programming has described the Stumpjack critter as a shy, highly intelligent animal who has a keen nose and is attracted to the aroma of fine brewed coffee. can hear the ad on Doug and Bobbi's "Out n' About" show on WOMT 1240AM Friday mornings at 11:30.

2) The Stumpjack Coffee Company building was first built in the late 1800s and operated as a bordello for sailors and merchant seamen of the Great Lakes. is indeed a late 1800s building but didn't operate as a bordello as far as I know...although that is what I tell people now who ask "What did this used to be?" just because I'm so sick of answering that question.

3) Stumpjack Coffee Company has as its inspiration a small cafe in southern Italy that opened in the years immediately following World War II and was operated by two former GI's who loved the country and decided to stay after the war. FALSE...I do like the image that that conjures though.

4) The Stumpjack Coffee Co. neon sign that adorns our front window was created over the course of several weeks by a neon artist who now resides in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. is the creative handiwork of one Marty Suettinger. We'll be doing an exhibition of Marty's work sometime in the future.

5) The murals on the walls behind the counter in Stumpjack Coffee Co. were uncovered during renovation of the space and have as yet been unidentified as to their creator. TRUE...under several layers of wallpaper. One of these days I'll get up there and start restoring them.

6) Stumpjack Coffee Co. uses several different roasters for its coffee, some located as far away as Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. FALSE...Two Rivers Roasting is the only roaster we use; our exclusive supplier of the best dang coffee here, there or anywhere!

7) Numerous musicians have performed at Stumpjack Coffee, including local artists Becky Markvart and Kerry Michaels, Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens, blues guitarist John Will Balsley, and Chicago jazz guitarist Miles Milborn. FALSE...I've been wanting to get Pat DiNizio here but haven't accomplished it yet, and Miles Milborn is a fictitious name (but it does sound like the name of a jazz guitarist doesn't it).

8) According to company archives the original documentation and partial domestication of an actual Stumpjack, whom our logo represents, is credited to one Lester V. Smith. TRUE...Lester was the man, and quite a man was he...

Now check out the post below and come on out tomorrow night to see Joe and Mike's gonna be great!

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