Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Acoustic Music this Saturday night/Closing early Thursday night

1) Tomorrow night, Feb.14th we will be closing a bit early in the evening, at 6:30pm, in order to conduct our first Valentine's Day special tasting event. The event had a limited seating allowance and that got filled up right away, and it's a private party kind of event, so we'll be locking the doors at 6:30 when those folks who signed up get here. Again, we'll be doing tastings like this pretty much every month from now on, and will let you know via email and the blog.

2) This Saturday night at 7:00 Lloyd Rohr will be bringing his acoustic and vocal talent to the Stump. Lloyd's got a great, mellow acoustic sound and this is his first gig at Stumpjack, so come on down if you're able and spend some relaxing and mellow time with us. We saw Lloyd perform a few months ago and really enjoyed the cool vibe he put out...this is going to be a very fine Saturday night.

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