Friday, September 7, 2007

Going more green

In our continuing desire to be environmentally responsible we've begun using Eco-Products Corn Oil cold drink cups here at Stumpjack. These cups are fully compostable and are made entirely from the renewable resources of corn. Also, unlike regular plastics, these cups are not made from petroleum, and will return to the earth in as little as 45 days in a commercial composting facility (imagine if just every coffee shop in the country used these instead of plastic for their smoothies and iced drinks...there go several hundred thousand, if not millions, of plastic cups not taking up space in landfills each year, as well just one more reason not to depend on foreign oil).

The cups cost a little more than regular plastic cups, but we feel that the benefits to the environment and to our sense of purpose trump the cheaper cost of plastic cups. We can't say that we're completely green, as there are a number of other areas where we can yet improve but where the cost is still too much to overcome right now, but this is one more step in that direction.

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