Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stumpjack caps & tees are in, baby!

Out first bunch of digitally printed T-shirts and embroidered caps are in the shop. Make sure you wear one of these stylish chapeaus on your noggin and a cool tee on your torso the next time you visit a different coffee house and you will surely be the center of attention and admiration! I wore mine this past weekend in Door County whilst quaffing espressos and lattes at several cafe's along the thumb, and was practically body-surfed around the room by the envious and admiring mobs of fashionistas.

Tees are $16 apiece...with XXL at $18
Low crown caps are also $16
You get a free coffee or latte with everyone you buy (which effectively knocks 'em down even more, to the neighborhood of $12 to $14)

Click on the images to get a blow-up pic.

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