Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NineDays CDs at Stumpjack now

Jeremy Dean, keyboard and sax player for MetroJam headliners and top ten hit makers, NineDays, sent me a packet of goodies the other day, including a bunch of NineDays' new CD "Slow Motion Life (Part I)" for us to offer to folks here at the Stump. (Jeremy has a graphic design company that does some pretty cool stuff...check out his site here.)

NineDays at MetroJam this Summer. Image from Emily Thiessen's Flickr site.

So, we've got copies of NineDays most excellent CD here now! They're only $9 apiece (NineDays for $9), with $3 going to the Domestic Violence Center, courtesy of the band (very cool of them, don't you think). Stumpjack Coffee will toss some cash into the DVC kitty as well.

Swing by for an espresso or mocha and pick up a CD of great tunes, and help out the DVC in the process. It's a win-win for get some great music, the DVC gets some help, and you get to feel good about contributing to a good cause. We'll keep track and post the tally sometime next month or so.

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