Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Flickr photos

We've added a set of Stumpjack images to a Flickr account for you to view...just a few from these past several months. Click on any image in the small orangish Flickr box in the right-hand column, which will send you to the Flickr site (and the particular image you clicked on) the right of that larger image are a couple of boxes that say stumpjack's photostream and stumpjack coffee company year I. To view the set as a slide show just click on the little icon of a slide screen (it'll say "view as slideshow" when you mouse over it), then when the slide show begins you can adjust the speed at the bottom of the screen. To view the set on a single or multiple page(s) just click on either one of those titles ("stumpjack's photostream" or "stumpjack...year I." We'll update this thing least once a month I think.

1 comment:

Lakeshore's Rising Stars! said...

Nice photos on your Flickr page! You're doing a great job ... toast to the Stump!