Thursday, July 5, 2007

A little R&R...

We spent the last few days (Sunday afternoon through Wednesday) beneath the trees at Point Beach State Forest here in TR. The weather was beautiful (with great thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday nights), the bugs were nil, the ground was hard, the coffee was superb (one brew pot of Puerto Rican and one of Kenyan). This is the first real time off I've had since we opened (took a week in February, but that was really a work week where I still came into the shop each night or did paperwork at home, and then spent the last three days of it in Chicago at CoffeeFest, so there hasn't really been a good break since early last summer).

But the three days at Point beach were great...very relaxing. Came up with several good ideas for Stumpjack. I've decided I'm going to make use of the campground every month from now on, for at least a couple of days each month until winter.

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