Wednesday, May 9, 2007

World Connections Choral Concert

Monday night we attended the "World Connections" choral concert and solo recital at the UW-Manitowoc University Theatre. My daughter, Jesse, was singing in the group Choir Erasing Borders, while the groups Ten-or Eleven and the Maritime Chamber Ensemble also performed. There were also a couple of solo performances on the program, both vocal and instrumental. This was an outstanding, totally awesome evening of music. The choral groups performed flawlessly, the song selection was wide ranging and uplifting, and the theme of world unity encompassing diversity was inspiring, while the intimate space of the University Theatre was perfect for a program like this. I can't say enough good things about this event and I would like to see it repeated. We would benefit from more of this sort of thing in our community, and we ought to support the arts with our time, dollars and voices so that these kinds of happenings take place more frequently. Kudos and congratulations to the folks who put the show together.

PS: Our daughter, Jesse, was the best on the stage that night...that's right! That's her, top row third from the left.

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