Saturday, January 9, 2010

Policy on publishing comments to the blog

We like getting comments on blog posts but, just so you know, anonymous comments won't get published onto the blog and most of the time they won't even be open to be read at all. Most anonymous comments are spam or phishing, of which we get maybe a half-dozen each week (the last dozen or so anonymous comments I did open were of that nature, two of which were entirely written in Chinese So I just don't even bother anymore.). Because of that, I've gotten in the habit of just immediately deleting without even opening any comments that come from an anonymous source.

So, if you want your comment published or read, make sure you put your name to it. I bring this up because I was about to delete one such comment that came to my email for publication or rejection but, for whatever reason, I did open this one before expecting to delete it. I may actually share this particular comment with you a little later, as it is indicative of a mindset that is all too familiar to people who actually are entrepreneurs and who are in business for's one of those attitudes that many business people talk about when they get together and roll their collective eyes at.

So, again, if you've got something to share, positive or negative (we listen to both), please be a grown-up and put your name to it.

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