Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The coolest Stumpjack teapot ever.

Our just 15-year old daughter Jesse just brought home the coolest thing from her art class. Dig this teapot made in the form of a stumpjack critter. Its tail is the handle and there's a little hole in its snout where the liquid pours from. This is awesome!
I LOVE the color and beefiness of the piece. She told me what she was making several months ago but I really was expecting something much more fragile and more brightly colored, which would have been great but this is so much more the kind of thing I like...earthy, weighty, rough and primal. Awesome!And even cooler is that she made this for me for my birthday last November. It was well worth the wait. I did say how awesome this is didn't I. Awesome.

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