Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lemonheads and Doc

FRIDAY, Feb 20

Excellent independent artist from Sheboygan:
Lillie Lemon
Lillie Lemon has lately been causing a bit of a buzz on the lakeshore music scene. After listening to her I'm of the opinion that she's a "natural." Her voice is lovely and evocative, her songs catchy and melodic. She's already built a loyal fan base of peeps who call themselves "Lemonheads."


Local acoustic musician with a deep, rich sound:
Mike Retzinger
Mike's been playing around here for a good while now, both as a solo performer and with the likes of Joe LaForce, Mark Kimmes and others. He's got a great, earthy voice, is a very skilled guitar player and has a song list that is just plain cool...familiar stuff and a lot that you won't hear unless you dig deep into certain albums.

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bpowell said...

Lillie and her band were so much fun to hear perform and to visit with. Her delicate soulful vocals were both pleasing and captivating. I only wish some of her lyrics weren't getting lost in the music at times because she had some cool lyrics as well.

I'm definitely looking forward to their return visit!