Saturday, February 14, 2009

A good night for art & music

Early in the night, that's Nate in the lower left.
Last night was a lot of fun. Nate's exhibition went over very well, with a lot of compliments for his photos. The pieces look great on the wall, have a very peacefully eerie nighttime vibe to them, and the colors fortuitously go very well with the colors and lighting of the gallery space.

Dancing and hooty-hooting.
Lloyd Rohr performed the music for the night, with Bill Walkner sitting in for much of Lloyd's set. The two of them were on fire last night, helped along by an extremely enthusiastic cheering section (I think they were actually groupies of a sort...dancing, hollering, clapping and whistling). Lloyd and Bill looked like they were having a blast ripping into their tunes and responding to the crowd.

Tonight at 7:00pm: snorb!
Be here or live in shame.

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