Friday, January 16, 2009

Stumpjack Coffee Company presents....

Some of you know that I have been without full computer capability lately. Hence the lack of blog updates and newsletters. still have a ways to go to get everything that I need back onto my hard-drive.
This is just a quick note about live music at Stumpjack this weekend.

Friday night (the 16th)
We are very giddy to have Matt and Steph Davies return to perform and they have a special guest sitting in with them Friday night: Nathaniel Seer via Bloomington, Indiana. Looking for some dang good, authentic, real and honest folk music? Then be here Friday evening at 7:00.

Saturday night (the 17th)
The Herald Times Reporter had a really lovely piece on our pal Adam Morantez in today's Weekend Edition insert (by Ben Wideman). He's what my ol' artist friend Dr. Evermor used to call "good people." And he's a darn good performer too. Adam will be here Saturday night at 7:00. Make sure that you be here too, ok.

Stumpjack Coffee
1606 Washington St., Two Rivers
cover: one drink/hr minimum

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