Thursday, December 18, 2008

12 Days of Christmas - day 6

On the sixth day of Christmas Stumpjack gave to meeeeee...
Stumpjack Gift Certificates
The best stocking stuffer of all time!

$20 Gift Certificates on sale
Today until midnight only $17
(we will also sell the ones that say "VOID" on them for only $2 each!)

You can take advantage of this offer by stopping into the shop or contacting us via email with the contact form on the right, before midnight tonight. You can email us and we'll set aside your stuff for you until the end of the week, when we ask that you please come in to pay for and pick up your order.


bpowell said...

Hey David -

Is there a limit to how many of those certificates with that French word (VOID) on the front a person can buy? That's one hell of a sweet deal.


David said...

We have an almost unlimited supply of those French gift certificates, Brian. You just let me know how many you require...and leave an envelope in the mailbox (small, unmarked bills please).