Friday, December 22, 2006

Puerto Rican Coffee Here!

We received our first package of Puerto Rico roasted beans yesterday from Russ (Master Roaster from Two Rivers Roasting Co.), roasted only the day before. This morning we're scheduled for an 11:30 slot on the local radio program "Out n' About" where we'll have a few minutes to talk about the new coffee.

Image of plant from this year's crop at one of "our" farms in Puerto Rico

Folks who are into high quality coffee know that Puerto Rican coffee is considered to be one of the very best, super premium coffees and is very difficult to get ahold of here in the states. A little Internet research will provide some good information on the quality of the crop as well as the region's volatile coffee history.

Another image from one of the farms with green fruit

Historically the favored bean of kings, popes and heads of state good Puerto Rican coffee is a high altitude crop that assumes, like wine, the flavor of the region. Our beans are roasted at a full city roast to enhance the gentle balance of flavor; you may experience hints of cocoa, caramel, almond, herbal notes, and a slight nuttiness, in a very smooth, low acid cup with a body that's been described as creamy and balanced. It has that mellow "Island Cup" profile, softly bittersweet or "tangy."

We'll be selling the beans in this initial outing at only $18.50 a pound in order to get an idea of what interest is out there for a coffee of thi quality. We'll also have a brew pot out with 12 oz. mugs at $2.50 & 16 oz. at $3.00; no refills. I can guarantee that Stumpjack will be the one and only java shop in the area with this coffee and I'm guessing that, if not the only, we are certainly one of a very few coffee shops in the country that is offering Puerto Rican coffee right now.

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