Friday, December 8, 2006

Cafe Tlazo

I went up to Algoma this afternoon for a wine pick-up at the von Stiehl Winery. Tasted a couple of nice Cabernets. Afterwards, on my way out of town I stopped in for a cup to-go at Cafe Tlazo. This is a great little place, very cozy inside, warm color scheme and a real nice relaxing vibe. In warm weather they also have a nice outside seating area. I ordered a 12 oz. cappuccino. It was good...the ratio of espresso/steamed milk/foam was good (for your typical Americanized cappuccino) with foamed milk that was pretty nicely textured and with a lovely color. The taste was very smooth, if just a tad on the light side...very good and rather nicely done, it really hit the spot after my brief wine tasting. The to-go cup was also a cool-looking item, with an attractive french cafe scene. I haven't seen to-go cups like this and it really caught my eye. I do have a textural aversion to smooth styrofoam or paper cups...generally the feel of them is rather irksome to me...but even though this was a smooth styrofoam cup the attractiveness of the cup offset my aversion to the feel.

Cafe Tlazo is one of those great little spaces that make you promise yourself to visit next time you're in the area. I didn't try their brewed coffee or a straight espresso, so I can't comment on those, but their cappuccino and atmosphere made it well worth the stop.

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