Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stumpjack closed until Friday

Hi everyone! Stumpjack will be closed this week until Friday afternoon as Kim and I recharge the batteries up north.Join us Friday night for more great music with Doc Retzinger. Those of you who have heard Doc either by himself or with Joe LaForce and Mark Kimmes know how wonderful he is. Then on Saturday night Andy Pagel of Pick & Squeeze will be here with Kate Aitken...Andy has performed with us several times and it's always a treat, but this will be Kate's first time and we're excited about that. Both Friday and Saturday nights' music start at 8pm. I also have to apologize for the recent spate of blog posts that have been little more than event announcements. It's been so crazy leading up to Ethnic Fest that that's all I've really had time for. But when we return from our little hiatus we will get back to the rambling, nonsensical posts you're used to receiving from me.

Here's a few images from this morning at the cottage too.


Anonymous said...

I always wonder why you don't train a few employees to make coffee when you aren't around.

Nobody would deny a business owner the chance to get away and sharpen your saw, however it seems silly to just close up and disappoint your customers.

I don't expect to actually see this in your blog as I and others have shared these thoughts with you many times. har

David said...

Well, I'm a little loath to post anonymous comments, although I have done it on occasion. We don't hire anybody for a number of reasons:st and most obvious is that we cannot afford to pay a decent wage; 2) many people think that all you have to do is hire someone and all your problems will be solved...not true, not true at all. As anyone who has or does run a business knows, employees create a whole new set of issues, and frankly, right now those issues aren't worth the trouble; 3) I want things done the right way...and unless you're there to supervise there is no guarantee that things are being done the right way; 4) Most of our customers are sensible and intelligent people who understand that they can and will survive a few days until we re-open...those who are offended or so disappointed that they can't handle the few days off, well, imho, that's really where the silliness comes in.

When we go to a favorite place and they happened to be closed, we don't get upset, disappointed, angry or think anything less of that business. We simply go somewhere else and then come back when they open up again. Hope you do the same.

Hope that helps you understand things a little better. Maybe I'll blog about it sometime.

tina kugler said...

You should train that toad. I bet he is good for at least 40 hours/week.