Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pals, music, art, gelato, etc

Art opening and live music
Steph Davies Art Exhibition
Friday night at 7pm
with music from folk troubadour Matt Davies

Saturday night at 8pm
Lea Holz
"...something familiar; something ancient; something raw and gentle; a dichotomy here, a polarity there. The sound of something smooth as skin or glass that ripples like water when touched. Lucidity. Liquid. Does spooning have a sound? How about the color red? ...passionate, melancholy, inquisitive, and confessional."

Last Sunday morning was fun. Koz kept his gear here from his gig the night before and performed a bunch of clarinet tunes for a few hours Sunday morning.
Mike & Kelly with Molly.

Lucy; Koz performing in the background.

Started making gelato again today for summer: made
blueberry, chocolate, raspberry, mandarin orange.

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