Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tonight Live Musica!

Tonight (Saturday) Becky Markvart will be performing...7:00 pm. You may have seen the very nice article and photos of Becky in last week's Weekend Edition of the Herald Times Reporter. Becky's always a fun gig.

Also, in case you didn't know, the 3-person play "Art" is scheduled to be performed at the Two River Community House for three succeeding weekends in February. Tonight sometime during Becky's gig the cast is going perform a scene from the play here at Stumpjack, which should be a blast.

The opening last night for Nate's photography exhibit was great...nice crowd and a lot of compliments on his photographs. We'll put some pictures up from last night as well as some from tonight, in the next day or two. Scroll down and answer the contest questions...the future of the free world is at stake...along with a pound of fine Guatemalan.


nwalk said...

"komodo dragon tamer extraordinaire"

that is absolute genius. i may have to stop down and collect names and numbers, as i have a few komodo dragons that are getting to be problematic

David said...

It is indeed impressive to watch the lady work the big lizards...fully geared up in Steve Irwin-like regalia, 3-pronged trident and gladiator net in one hand, long electric cattle prod in the other. It's damn near balletic.