Saturday, June 9, 2007

A busy Saturday in Two Rivers

The Kurtz family stopped in for coffee on their way through town riding up to Wausau and then on to Minneapolis. Riding up north on a beautiful day like today...I'm envious. This crew was fun...helped make the day enjoyable.

I myself like the top image best, but Kim liked this one (and Josh voted with her) because it had their bikes in it. So I decided to put both pics in. We've got a friendly debate on which shot is "better," so make a comment and vote for which one you like best. There's a big payday riding on this (loser has to make lunch for the winner).

Busy lunch today, with lots of iced coffees and smoothies (both fruit and espresso based), paninis and scones. Ran out of soup and ingredients for two paninis. Lots of cars and cycles rolling through town (some going way too fast too...someone is gonna get gacked one of these days).


Kurtz Biker Gang said...

We enjoyed our stop at Stumpjack's and their delicious coffee & friendly staff helped propel our way to Wausau. We're heading home now but the next time we're in Two Rivers we'll definitely stop by.
-The Kurtz Family (we're all family)

jin said...

I like the second pic as well...the glint of sun coming off the chrome on the bike is great! day I will pop in for a coffee. I have heard very good things!

Keith said...

The second picture is good because it shows the bikes and the location on the street of the cafe. The first picture shows the clearest view of the cafe and also looks more lively than the second, like there's more life and activity there than the second picture shows. I like the first picture best. It's more like a cover shot for an magazine article.

Persimmons Gal said...

I am sorry David I'm with Kim on the bottom pic.

David said...
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David said...

Well of course you are, Kim (persimmony gal)... female solidarity trumps aesthetic excellence in this case! I refuse to buckle under the oppressive heel of gender politics!!!
I'm out-numbered but but out-maneuvered!!!