Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Don't forget the camera..."

Kerry Michaels, Saturday night at Stumpjack Coffee Co.

This past Friday and Saturday nights were a lot of fun. Friday's wine tasting with Brad and Shaun Schmiling of Von Stiehl Winery was a great time, with several new faces coming into the Stump to sample the wonderful wines of Von Stiehl and try our coffee...huge thumbs up reviews on both (we know because we always ask!). We were comfortably busy, with time to chat with everyone and do a bit of wine inspection ourselves. The only thing that went wrong was that I got so involved with chatting and hanging out that I forgot to take any pictures! Oy!

Brad and Shaun have also recently opened a new B&B in Algoma just a couple blocks from the winery, the Havenly Inn. I think we're going to take advantage of this place sometime in the next month or so...a beautiful B&B next to a great winery, what more could you need?

Sandy and Terry, Kim, Dana and Paul enjoying Kerry's music.

Last night (Saturday) Kerry did a brief show for an appreciative crowd (some of who reported feeling a little morning "slowness" from the wine party the night before...ha!). He's become something of the official Stumpjack House Band since we opened, always ready to step in if we need him, with a long list of tunes that include very original versions of familiar songs as well as his own excellent material. It is unfortunate that that he recently suffered an injury to his hand (hence the short show this night) and had to cancel several gigs with us, but he's on the mend and will be back soon I'm sure. I'm tellin' you all now, this guy has talent and a warm stage presence that gets people involved with the performance. His own songs are as good as anything you might hear on the radio and he has an ability to make other people's music his own. Here's the Kerry Michaels myspace site. I did manage to remember to take a few pics last's a couple.

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