Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Art, Music and Coffee at Stumpjack

Man, I have got to get our web site up and running! I'm accumulating so many photos from stuff at the Stump and don't want to clog the blog with them all. Here's a few from this past weekend though.

Friday, Feb 16th - The Poster Art of Wade Marks.

A busy evening and great fun seeing people respond so positively to Wade's art. He was the king of the evening, holding court and explaining his work to appreciative folks all night. We sold several pieces, which is always a great thing, and everyone enjoyed the loose improv playing of The Lonely Sound, unplugged (thanks Derek and Dylan). Kim and I had a fun post-reception dinner at the Element Bistro with our friends Paul and Laura from Oconomowoc (Thanks Paul!).

Wade explaining his working process...or pretending he's on his Big Wheel again...

Wade and his Mom...very nice...

Saturday, Feb 17th - Live Music: Happenstance

After last weekend's raucous party with Marcella and The Lonely Sound it was a great counterbalance to have Happenstance play a mellow acoustic set on Saturday night. Becky and Debbie were great, with lovely vocals and guitar work. I continue to be pleasantly surprised at how much coffee we sell in the evening at these events, even though most of them are mochas and other flavored drinks. People are definitely digging the coffee.

Happenstance: Becky and Debbie

It was also the beginning of a week's vacation for yours truly, during which I intend to get some house work done, finish reading Barak Obama's book The Audacity of Hope (and try to decide if the guy is legit or too far left for me), get ready for CoffeeFest this coming weekend, do a little cooking, walk the dog and enjoy some Puerto Rican coffee with a couple of Torano cigars (although as I'm writing this, just a few minutes ago I received a package that I'm hoping are the ACID samplers I won on auction last week).

Kim tickles Glen...Glen responds with the beginning of the Chicken Dance...

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